BalaKrishna and NTR rift proved again in Legend Audio

By - March 08, 2014 - 03:08 PM IST

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The eternal rift between Nandamuri Balakrishna and Jr. NTR was once again evident in Legend audio launch event. Too many things happened in the event that made this different from the previous audio launches of Balakrishna.

This Legend audio launch showcased the affable best of Balayya wherein the event was personally supervised by him more like a family event. Generally, Balayya family rarely participates in his audio launches. But, this event has both of his son-in-laws Nara Lokesh and Bharath in the launch for the first time. Both of them were enjoying to the fullest witnessing the fans gala at the event. Nara Rohit watched the theatrical trailer of Legend for almost three times. Balayya gave prime importance to the fans of Sr. NTR in the launch.

But, only one incident brought back the rift into picture. It was when the AV about Boyapati was playing onscreen and the moment Dammu was on, it was immediately skipped off. Even in the speech of Balayya, there was no reference about anyone else in the family except Senior NTR. What took the cine pundits by surprise was he did not even emphasize on the usually referred word “Nandamuri family fans”, just considering the fans of Sr. NTR and himself.

With elections fast approaching, the film is touted to be a sure shot for the Nata Simham. The LION is definitely BACK. But, will Jr. NTR also pounce back into action for the party established by his grandfather? – Fingers crossed!