Amala Paul's Beatiful Business Plans

By - March 18, 2014 - 04:49 PM IST

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Glamorous Amala Paul isn’t just beauty but indeed beauty with brains.

The life span of any heroine is obviously short but the universal policy is to make hay while the sun shines. Though she is a rare sight in Telugu films, she seems to have made some good hay both in Kolly and Mollywoods. So she is looking forward to turn into an entrepreneur now. According to our insiders, she is planning to set up a boutique or a restaurant (with national and international cuisine). “I always wanted to have a boutique of my own and a restaurant too. Not sure what will materialize when but one of these will happen very soon”, says Amalapaul with her fingers crossed.

Even Ileana also has her own boutique opened in Hyderabad three years back which is managed by her mother Samira D’cruz, a designer herself. And now it is Amala Paul who is running in the same lane. Let’s wish her good luck!