Jagapathi Babu Makes Use Of His Demand

By - April 07, 2014 - 11:48 AM IST

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They say "Nothing Succeeds Like Success".

Jagapathi Babu shall be the latest quintessential example for this! When he was doing supporting roles in films like Lakshyam, Bhale Dongalu and Gopi Godameeda Pilli, people thought Jagapathi Babu was almost done! When he was trying out films like Pellaina Kotthalo, Gayam-2 and Kshetram et al, critics exclaimed what he was actually trying to do!

But with Legend, the world changed to green overnight for JB. Reports say he's being flooded with offers every day and no wonder, some offers could have sprouted up just with Jagapathi Babu as the lead villain but no actually story! It is said that JB signed Legend for Rs. 75 lakhs and post Legend's super success, keeping his demand in mind, Jagapathi Babu has apparently hiked his remuneration!

But, a senior actor like Jagapathi Babu should be knowing that this newfound 'villain craze' is also a bubble but may be that is why, he is trying to make hay while the sunshines. He admitted in a recent interview that he has now recognised the importance of words like money, savings and planning and that is why, he is making smart moves accordingly.

So, will he been seen as villain in the coming days too or is he going to try hands at somethingelse? We'll wait and see!