Kotha Janta Audio - A Blend of Energy and Soulfulness

By - April 13, 2014 - 05:47 AM IST

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Kotha Janta is an upcoming romantic comedy starring Allu Sirish and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles. The film is produced by the prestigious Geetha Arts production house and directed by the small film wonder Maruthi. Music for the film is composed by JB and here is an exclusive music review of the album:

The album begins with a breezy track Charminar Galli sung by Revanth, Sravani, Deepu and Vadlamani.  The track has a beautiful nostalgic feel associated with it and interesting lyrics as well.  The vocalists perform at ease and the orchestration is fresh and pleasant to the ears.

A beautiful melody Arere sung by the talented Haricharan and Haimath arrives next with a deviating take on Carnatic Raaga Nata Bhairavi. The string section, rhythm and great interludes add a brilliant value to the overall ambience of the track. Lilting guitar has its presence felt throughout the track with great ease.

The album gets the massy touch with Atu Amalapuram (Remix) which is adapted from Chiranjeevi’s hit film Khaidi No.786. The power packed rhythm and interesting guitars make it a decent re-mastered version in this era of heavy laden orchestration. The interludes are effortlessly done without tampering the original composition.

It is time for Osi Prema Rakshasi with a funky touch sung by Padutha Teeyaga fame Lipsika.  The composition is done with an experimental touch and the vocalist gives the track a youthful flavor. The lyrics are written in a funny manner with good usage of words and great piano bass work is a huge asset for the track.  Interestingly the composition has the flavor of Hindustani Raag Chandrakauns.

The album gears up in pace with Kallalloki Kalle Pettesthu with some great energy and massy rhythm section. Lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla are intelligently written which depict the youth’s take on relationships in the current era. The lighthearted nature of the issue is commendably done in terms of the music. Interludes have a good use of Ghatam in the midst of electronic keyboards with good bass work.

Another breezy track Gundello arrives with a rare blend of Spanish touch and brilliant melody. Based on the Western Classical Harmonic Minor Scale close to Carnatic Raaga Nata Bhairavi, the composition carries the soul of the album.  Interludes are brilliantly woven in the midst of harmonica, string section and mellowed chorus. Haricharan delivers his best for this lively solo.

The album reaches the finale with Anukonidhi, a short version of earlier melody in the album- Arere. Hymath does a great job in bringing the track an emotional and aggressive touch with his impactful voice. However, it ends abruptly making the listener asking for more.

Kotha Janta is a surprise package from the composer JB. The album has a great blend of energy as well as soulfulness with some excellent compositions. The orchestration is decently done without any presence of heavy sounding tracks.  It can be surely termed as one of the most melodious albums in this year.

Rating: 3.25/5