CLA Audio: Not A Routine Audio Album

By - April 14, 2014 - 01:00 PM IST

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Chandamamalo Amrutham is an upcoming Telugu Sci-Fi Comedy film directed by the unique filmmaker Gunnam Gangaraju with Srinivas Avasarala, Dhanya Balakrishna in the lead roles. Music is composed by Sri and the film is produced by Gunnam Gangaraju’s home banner Just Yellow Media. Here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins with Sound of Vel with an uplifting feel having great string section, and a childlike wonder to it. A short piece which is less than a minute in duration, the track makes sure the mood is set for an experimental film.

Laka Laka arrives next with a energetic touch and the sounds used strikingly resemble Space Travel in a comical fashion. The track progresses with a rocket speed and the usage of chorus, rhythm section and strings was done competently by the composer.

It is time for a feel good melody and Moonlight Gaal arrives which is a rehash of the hit song “Vendi Vennela” from Gunnam Ganjaraju’s Little Soldiers. However, this version has a hilarious touch in terms of the lyrics as well as singing. The orchestration has a blend of Spanish as well as African music style making it an enjoyable hearing.

Phata Phatasula is essentially a sloka based on “Jata Kata” which is usually sung to represent aggression and power. The orchestration is done well with vigor and rhythm section along with decent vocals.

Another sloka Bahuparak arrives with a classic style in the voice of Mano in the midst of tabla rhythm and good bass work. The lyrics are written in a funky manner and the track is carried confidently forward. The tune is based on Carnatic Raaga Hamsadhwani- usually made best use to represent happiness and positivity.

The hilarious touches reach the hilt with Yaarukkaga- a parody version of ANR's most popular sad song “Evari Kosam” from Prem Nagar. However, it is really short for the listener to really relish.

Another rehash is in store with Yeruvaka Saagaro, the most popular folk song from Telugu Cinema arrives without tampering the original composition and presented well with ease. The lyrics are written well to suit the film’s theme and storyline.

The album reaches the finale with Ghalan Ghalan with a funny foreign accent styled singing and an alternate version of Phata Phatasula. 
Chandamama lo Amrutham is an experimental album which strictly confines to the theme of the film and retains the comic touch of it. However, too short tracks may not keep the listener interested in it much- as a musically competent album.

Rating: 2.75/5