Shruti Haasan UnHappy Over Her Recent Leak

By - April 15, 2014 - 05:38 PM IST

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Tollywood’s newfound lucky charm Shruti Haasan is apparently very unhappy these days. Though, she has a good reason to cheer up in the form of Race Gurram’s success, she is actually not. According to insider reports, Shruti is pretty much displeased about her stills that leaked recently.

These were originally her dancing stills from “Dimple” song in Yevadu. The fact is that these pics were rather steamy [Of course, her “Dimple…” song in Yevadu was also sultry!] and certainly the glamor quotient was at heights.

A version in the industry claims the leak to be absolutely intentional. However, she is apparently fumed up with the concerned people responsible for this. She has even made some futile attempts to have the images removed.

While the critics say that Shruti has made a deliberate choice to increase her glamor quotient which is pretty much evident in her films these days. So, she needs to face the music! Meanwhile, her following in the youth has increased manifold after Yevadu and Race Gurram!

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