Junior NTR To Arrange For A Press Meet?

By - April 23, 2014 - 05:21 PM IST

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With the chronic dramatic rift between Jr. NTR and TDP, Junior has been muted all this while. But, with elections fast approaching in both the states, Jr. NTR has apparently decided to keep egos aside and campaign for his party. Unlike the previous elections, tables have turned upside down. From a state where Junior was desperately needed to at least pose a fight in the 2009 elections, the equations have drastically altered to a current state where he was highly ignored.

This term definitely marks a difference. For Instance,
-  Balakrishna getting down into active politics.
-  NTR suffering from lack of success from a while.
-  The state political shape changing radically with two states, two different political setups altogether.
-  And last but not the least, Pawan Kalyan.

All the above turned to TDP’s advantage and almost pushed NTR aside. Insiders say, with neither Balakrishna nor Nara Chandrababu Naidu inviting him to campaign even till the last moment, NTR kept mum. Otherwise, he was prepared for the campaign almost a month back scheduling his dates. Moreover, there is a sentiment that all the candidates that NTR campaigned for (in all the constituencies he toured) in the previous term have failed miserably.

However, now he is apparently looking to contribute to his party in spite of the friction and differences. According to the insider reports, a press meet by NTR is expected shortly, offering clarity upon his political moves. But, with just one week left for the assembly elections here in Telangana and two weeks in Andhra Pradesh, what is NTR going to do and how can he be influential is an interesting topic all over!

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