Shravana Bhargavi-Hemu Ready For Their Debut

By - May 12, 2014 - 07:30 PM IST

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Singers usually make it to the headlines either with their chart buster songs or their awards or with their mutual weddings. But, here is the popular singing couple Hemachandra and Shravana Bhargavi making headlines for their debut film, of course a short film.

After the smash hit of Geetha Madhuri –Nandu’s musical short film Aditi (an iQlik Movies’ Presentation), it is now the turn of Shravana Bhargavi and Hema Chandra. With speculations around, singer Shravana Bhargavi confirms their acting debut a short while ago.

The lovely couple adorns a huge connect amongst youth not just in the television audience but on online population as well. And now with musical love stories trending, the lovely couple is grooming up for a cute love story that shall be an iQlik Movies Presentation too!

So folks, get ready for a musical romantic entertainer this romantic monsoon.

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