Allari Naresh Imitates Pawan Kalyan

By - May 21, 2014 - 12:14 PM IST

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It has been quite a while since hero Allari Naresh has scored a hit matching his stamina at the box office. Whether it was his choice of scripts or other factors that plunged him down the success track but now one film seems to be having the right kind of ingredients to ensure his comeback.
This is the talk generating after looking at the trailer of his new movie Jump Jilani. For the first time, Allari Naresh is doing a double role. Those who saw the trailer are opining that it looks interesting and the best part is the dialogs. The punch dialogs are very good with good dose of humor.
There is also a spoof line on Pawan Kalyan. Since the trailer has been cut promisingly, let us hope the entire film carries the same momentum. This is directed by Satti Babu, a protégé of EVV Satyanarayana which adds value to the film. Isha Chawla and Swathi Deekshit are the leading ladies in the film. Hope even Reliance Entertainment gets good days in Telugu with this film and Manam.