Classic Entertainer Raamudu Bheemudu Completes 50 Years

By - May 21, 2014 - 07:35 AM IST

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There have been many films which might have been released 50 years ago. But only few films would be remembered even after such long period of time. Ramudu Bheemudu released on 21st May 1964 is one such masterpiece.

Dr.D.Ramanaidu, one of the ace producers in Telugu Cinema began his career with Ramudu Bheemudu. Though he worked as a co-producer for Anuraagam earlier, this was his first film from his home banner Suresh Productions. With his debut film Raamudu Bheemudu, Suresh Productions established itself as the most prestigious banner in South India after Prem Nagar (1971).

Apart from being a breakthrough film for Ramanaidu, this film became a trendsetter in the History of Telugu Cinema as well. This was the first film which featured Sr.NTR in a dual role. Earlier, Bhanumathi acted in a dual role for Chandiraani and ANR did for Iddaru Mitrulu. But Raamudu Bheemudu differs from these as it has a special mass element associated with it. That was why films like Seetha Aur Geetha (Ganga-Manga in Telugu), Bullemma-Bullodu which came later were well received by the audience. Films in other languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Odiya which were based on Raamudu Bheemudu became super hits too. Just like how the acting suited well for ANR in Iddaru Mitrulu, this film suited well for Sr.NTR which featured more comedy, action and additional masala elements to suit his body language and histrionics.  Moreover, Jamuna and L.Vijayalakshmi’s graceful presence added much to the film.

Character actors like SVR, Rajanala and Shantakumari suited perfectly in their respective roles. Relangi, Girija and Ramana Reddy offered great comedy relief. Songs penned by Sri Sri, Kosaraju and C.Narayana Reddy were melodiously composed by the music director Pendyala. ‘Undhile Manchi Kaalam Mundhu Mundhu Naa…’,’Desammu Maarindhoi Kaalammu Maarindhoi…’, ‘Telisindhi Le…’,’Adhe Adhe Naku Anthu Teliyakunnadhi…’, ‘Sarada Sarada Cigarettu Idhi Doralu Kaalchu Bhale Cigarettu…’ were heard in every household those days. The yesteryear generation still appreciates and enjoys those melodious compositions.

D.V.Narasaraju wrote the dialogues for this film which has so many special attractions. During the year 1958, he thought of writing a story on the lines of Apoorva Sahodarulu which featured one hero as a good guy and the other as a bad guy. But he made a little change in his storyline that both the heroes are good natured but with different traits. He was even inspired by an English novel named Scapegoat and narrated the storyline to many producers since then. But nobody dared to make it to a feature film until D.Ramanaidu chose to do so!

Coming to the storyline, twin boys who are born to a mother are separated due to dramatic circumstances in childhood. While one boy grows up in urban environment, the other grows up in a village. The city bred boy is exploited by his relatives because he is very innocent. However, the village bred boy has more courage and physical strength to fight over wrong issues. In certain circumstances, they exchange the places where they actually live and teach the villains a lesson. During this drama, each of them happen to fall for two beautiful women. The story ends on a happy note. Sr.NTR undoubtedly carried the film on his shoulders with his superior performance in both the roles. Direction by Tapi Chanakya is commendable.

The film is well remembered even after a long period of 50 years till date.