Is Akhil The Next Big Thing For Telugu Cinema?

By - May 24, 2014 - 01:30 PM IST

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Whenever a star kid is about to make his/her debut in cinema, there is usually a lot of hype and expectations around the film. And if it is someone coming from a family which has strong history of cinema, this gets doubled. That is what happened when the news of Akkineni Akhil being seen in ‘Manam’ came up.

He just appears for a minute in the movie but that was enough to generate lots of whistles and claps from the audience. Akhil is looking bright, both his parents are talented and experienced actors. The grandfather’s legacy is also there. Even Akhil has done ‘Sisindri’ as a child artist.

That way, he has built a rapport with the Telugu audience as an infant actor. Now, he looks very handsome and quite appealing onscreen. He has the qualities of a perfect mass hero and based on the positive response it looks like after Mahesh Babu, Akhil is likely to fit into that bracket of Next Big Thing For Telugu Cinema...

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