Huge Craze For Interesting Film Titles

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It is a known fact that for any film the title is the most important pull element and if the title is catchy then the attention is there throughout. As a result, there are many creative individuals who keep coming up with interesting titles and register them at the Film Chamber.

According to sources, here are few interesting titles which got registered recently. First in the list is 'Medapaina Love Janta’ which comes with a caption Idi Maniratnam cinema kaadu. This is registered by G P Siddarth film academy. Then there is ‘June Pothe July’ registered by Lucky 9 Media.

There is also ‘Inkenti Nuvvu Cheppu’ registered by Vijaya Krishna Productions and last but not the least there is ‘Iddarikee Kottega’ by Sivaparvati Combines. It is a different issue as to how many will go to sets and how many will hit the theatres but the titles are creating a positive impact on everyone as of now.

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