Tollywood Eyes A New Tamil Heroine

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In the last few years, Tollywood has been experiencing a drought of quality actresses who can get into the top heroine slots. The likes of Samantha, Kajal, Tamannah, Ileana have shifted their focuses elsewhere. Hence, there is a constant hunt going on in search of new and talented beauties.

One girl who seems to have caught the attention of the Tollywood fraternity is Anaswara. This teen starlet hails from Chennai and she has done three films in Tamil so far which got her very good reputation. Blessed with a natural beauty and an expressive face, Anaswara seems to be the in-thing.

While it is not sure how her diary is right now but the talk from Filmnagar is that Telugu directors will also bring her for sure in no time. If Anaswara is really as good as she is being projected and if she can sustain for a while then there I no doubt that she can enter the big league here.

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