Kotha Janta Three Weeks Box-office Score

By - May 27, 2014 - 12:35 PM IST

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One of the recent ventures to come out of the mega camp is Kotha Janta and this was quite crucial project because it had Allu Sirish trying to gain a foothold as a hero in Tollywood. The good thing is, he got the beautiful and lovely looking Regina as the heroine and the commercially successful director Maruthi.

True to that, the film seems to have made some good business and here are few details about it. As per reports,

Nizam - Rs.1.74 crores
Ceded - Rs.1.02 crores
Vizag - Rs.93 lakhs
Guntur - Rs.48.6 lakhs
Nellore - Rs.23 lakhs
East - Rs.56 lakhs
West - Rs.45.5 lakhs
Krishna - Rs.46 lakhs.

The figures were healthy outside Andhra Pradesh as well with Karnataka fetching Rs.26 lakhs and Rest Of India touching Rs.12 lakhs.

All in all, Kotha Janta at the end of 25 days running has collected a cool 6.28 crores. Well, looks like Sirish made a steady start then.