Ra Ra Krishnayya Audio - An Extra Spicy Dum Biryani

By - May 31, 2014 - 01:37 PM IST

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Ra Ra Krishnayya is an upcoming entertainer starring Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra in lead roles. The film is made under the banner SVK Cinema and directed by P. Mahesh Babu. Music for the film is composed by Atchu and here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins with a vivacious track Hero Hero having a prelude blended with trumpets and electric guitar. The track has an energetic modern rock feel associated with it and sung well by Karthik and the composer Atchu himself. The lyrics are funky in a storytelling fashion and undoubtedly the track paves a way for a fun filled ambience.

In contrast with the energy, the title track  Ra Ra Krishnayya arrives next with a nostalgic harmonica and breezy orchestration. The talented Shreya Ghoshal and Yasan Nazir take the track singlehandedly with their competent vocals. The tune has a carnatic touch to it in the midst of electric guitar orchestration. The usage of harmonica is done well in the essentially modern track.

A new Kerala flavor filled track Onam Onam makes its presence with the traditional percussions and Malayalam lyrics make their effect felt. Sung by the talented Chinmayee and Atchu, the track has great melodious and optimistic feel. Undoubtedly this track stands out in the album for its fresh presentation. However, Chinmayee’s Telugu diction sounds somewhat unclear for a traditional lyrics track.

Vaadarey Machan is a funky number that arrives next sung by Suchitra which has a groovy touch and Hip-Hop rhythm section. Though she goes off note here and there, Atchu balances it off well with his Tamil Kuthu styled singing and orchestration. The funky guitar is blended well with carnatic styled mandolin in the interludes.

The inevitable party track Come on Baby has power packed kuthu beats and electric guitar touches. The orchestration has a modern tinge with folk rhythm sections. But the lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla doesn’t sound too catchy or entertaining.

The album enters a finale with traditional track Seetha Kalyanam sung by Mahathi. Usage of ghatam and mild treble adds to the effect and the great touch of shehnai adds much value to the track. The good bass work and rhythm section are the main assets of this track.


Ra Ra Krishnayya is a fair album from Atchu having right balance of melodies and fast numbers. However, the album lacks the right punch and kick of a typical Telugu commercial film. Just like a Dum Biryani which is more Spicy but less tasty!

Rating: 3/5


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