She Is Back To Her Real Name

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One of the most talked about movies of the season is ‘Nala Damayanti’ and as catchy as the title is, even the leading lady of the film is making headlines. Her name is Aradhna Gupta but now it is heard that a name change is happening for her and she would be called as Anjali Gupta.

In fact, her original name is Anjali Gupta but it is heard that when Ram Gopal Varma was making ‘Satya 2’, he changed Anjali’s name to Aradhna Gupta. But now, sources say she wants her original identity and is keen to bring back her real name. And there is also another significance for her with ‘Nala Damayanti’.

Actually most of ‘Satya 2’ is dubbed version though Sharwanand was there as the hero. So that doesn't really come under a debut flick for Anjali so she is considering ‘Nala Damayanthi’ as her debut in Tollywood. There is a slight period backdrop in the film and that’s why she has liked the character very much.

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