• Cast , Anaika Soti
  • BannerMammoth Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  • Editor Jarin
  • Cinematography Vikas Saraf
  • Music Amar Mohile
  • Producer Sumanth Kumar Reddy
  • Director
  • Audio release date 16 Sep 2013

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Satya 2 review

“RGV's Businessman“

Posted: 08 November 2013-06:06 AM

Satya (Sharwanand) comes to the Hyderabad city to make a living and stays with his friend who is an aspiring movie producer. He meets Businessmen RK and Lahote and helps them solve their problem by devising a plan to eliminate their rivals. They garner confidence him and give him utmost importance in the gang. There is an inner self in Satya which comes out to build a crime empire with his own rules of game. The rest of the story is how Satya grows leaps and bounds above the law of the state.

Sharwanand's role in the movie is similar to the role he played in Prasthanam. He underplays a lot in the character and most of the times, his eyes do the talking.  He did perfect justice to the role but his role is poorly scripted that the audience do not connect with it like that in the case of the original Satya.

Anaika Sooti is a heroine with substance. She looked hot, cute and promising. She gets a decent screen space and she does justice for the role. Aradhana Gupta is okay in the ‘special’ role. Mahesh Thakur, Amitriyaan, Raj Premi, Amal Sehrawat, Kaushal Kapoor and Vikram Singh are passable.

You feel like watching a remake of Puri Jagannadh's Businessman and that too a bad remake. Ram Gopal Varma's films off late are suffering from poor narration and stereotypic direction. Except for 2-3 sequences, you feel the same with Satya-2 too. There are certain promising sequences like punishing a rapist by drilling his private organ and the interval bang but the rest of the movie totally lacks lustre.

There are no notable songs in the movie. Amar Mohile-Kary Arora's background score is good at some places and loud at most places.

Vikas Saraf's camera work is worth a pat on his back. The RGV style eagle eye shots are excellent. Production values are not so great. Dialogues except one or two are not at all impressive. Action Choreography is okay. Editor Jerine Jose should have been more sincere with his scissors.

The movie starts promisingly and the interval bang evokes the curiosity but it lacked the consistency and gripping narration to attract the audience. Finally, RGV's Businessman oops Satya-2 ended up as a product which we wouldn't go out of our way to recommend, or we wouldn't totally stop in anyone of watching it either.