Maturity Of Pawan Kalyan Fans Revealed

By - June 02, 2014 - 11:33 AM IST

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The craze and mania for Pawan Kalyan needs no introduction and whenever someone points a finger towards the power star, they are thrashed soundly by the fans on the internet and other platforms. On the other side, there has been a strong rivalry between Pawan and Mahesh fans.

But this time, it looks like Pawan fans took a different route. We are talking about the dialogue in the ‘Aagadu’ trailer. Talk is emerging that the dialogue on Simham, Puli was a satire on Pawan. But the fans reacted maturedly. They are saying “Nothing to feel bad, they have followed Gabbar Singh style totally.”

They add “Mahesh sitting on the Jeep, his getup is all taken from ‘Gabbar Singh’ so we don’t need to feel so much on that dialogue. All said and done, Mahesh is using Pawan indirectly so we are happy. For that matter, in Dookudu movie, Mahesh said a dialogue "Department vallu nannu Babbar Sher antaaru" so in a way he has put a satire on himself.” All in all, most of the Pawan fans are taking this on a lighter vein. In the past if they reacted strongly, it was affecting Pawan’s image but so far they have maintained dignity and maturity.

But unlike his previous films, this time the Superstar felt like showing the world what true Mass, Style and Punch looks like! His killing looks, dashing style are just amplified in the first look released a while ago spiced up with an ounce of controversy also! The naysayers might pose a bitter lip, call it a counter, satire, copy and even rub some controversy on it but Mahesh Babu fans are super delighted to have him back and even the Superstar wants the same.

Anyhow Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan remain to be good friends ever! It’s just the innocent fans who are bothered and worried all the time. Until a new controversy sprouts up, this will be good mileage to the film!

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