Brahmaji's 'Power Star' Tweet

By - June 04, 2014 - 07:06 PM IST

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Power star Pawan Kalyan is more like a radioactive element because his charisma and aura tends to spread wherever he is and gives positive effects. Discovering that, there are many in Tollywood who tend to find ways of using the name of 'Pawan' in whatever context they can.

Senior actor Brahmaji has been part of Tollywood from decades and he has worked with all the star heroes. Recently, he did something which raised a few eyebrows. Well, the senior actor came up with a tweet which goes like this -

"Power Star city lo lekapothe Power Cut chesesthara..?"

Some of them who saw this said “Some way or the other using Power Star tends to get attention so maybe Brahmaji is also attempting something like that.” But those who know Brahmaji are quashing this saying “He is not someone who craves for attention, he put this just on a lighter vein.”

However there is a thin line of difference between intentionally using someone's name for vested interests and including someone's name! Isn't it?

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