Director's Endless Naughtiness On Twitter

By - June 06, 2014 - 04:54 PM IST

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is generally known for his path breaking films, his extremely rebellious ideologies and controversial statements. But inside him lies a character which keeps flashing every now and then. While some of the mischief is seen in his eyes, sometimes RGV makes it obvious.

The latest in that front is RGV’s gesture of putting up the picture of Smriti Irani during her modeling days. Well, she is slender and extremely beautiful with a very hot sex appeal written all over her. Well, whoever is in news or in some controversy, RGV has the habit of speaking about them.

Recently he did something like that with daughter of Nawaz Sharif and now his attention seems to have shifted towards Smriti Irani. What many are waiting to see is, will Ramu come up with signature statements that tend to make eyes pop out. This is something only time will reveal.