SNB Song Talk: Interesting Song Andi Babu!

By - June 09, 2014 - 04:22 PM IST

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Tollywood is seeing a new wave of movie promotion of late. After Sampoo’s super hit model of promotion, it was a movie named Ladies And Gentlemen produced by versatile filmmaker, producer Madhura Sreedhar that grabbed the attention of the industry and audience alike.

Wallpapers with humans having animal heads sitting before the laptops and other promotional content were unique and thought provoking too. They set the movie abuzz enough and adding to this, the promotional song titled “Social Network Andi Babu…” composed by Raghu Kunche that was released today is already going viral!

Raghu Kunche is a distinguished composer who believes in quality than quantity. He just keeps raising the bar for himself and chartbuster numbers like "Enduke Ravanamma...", "Subbalachimi..." are the best examples. Now the “Social Network Andi Babu…” song is yet another catchy number composed in the most popular ‘Burrakatha’ format that holds a satirical take on the contemporary social networking mania amongst the youth. Some really catchy and trendy lyrics provided by yet another renowned writer, poet and lyricist Sira Sri have added beauty to the song.

The video song featuring Raghu Kunche, singer Noel and Junior Relangi travelling in a local train and singing is being appreciated for its innovative and realistic approach! An intense research has gone behind this song and initially a 20 page lyrics were prepared that was later cut down to a single page to sound acute and contemporary. This is a unique song where the process of lyrics and composition went hand-in-hand, according to sources.

Well awaiting the album release, guess the movie measures up to the expectations that it is carrying!

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