Actress Boasts Daughter's Height

By - June 09, 2014 - 06:14 PM IST

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For any parent, their son/daughter means the whole world and this is even more when they are growing up. In the film industry, the approach is quite different because most of the stars expect their offsprings to reach the same stardom and in fact exceed it when the time is right.

So, they take an opportunity to show their kids to the world at the right time and that too on a very positive platform. This seems to be the attempt of the senior actress Khushboo. Well, she has posted a picture of her daughter on her Twitter account with a line - "my daughter the tallest".

True to Khushboo’s statement, her daughter has got a towering height and those who saw it say she seems to have got it from her father C Sundar who is a tall man himself. What many are curious to know is whether she is the elder daughter Avanthika or the younger one Ananditha.

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