Sania's Sister's Friend In Himachal Tragedy

By - June 12, 2014 - 03:13 PM IST

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The tragic incident in Himachal Pradesh where many students got washed away due to the Beas river has created a major vacuum in the hearts of the Telugu people. While the bodies of the students are yet to be recovered, the condolences are pouring in large numbers.

One such message came from tennis star Sania Mirza. Sania gave this tweet because of her personal connection with a person who died in that incident. Her tweet goes like this -
"Condolences to the families of the students in the Himachal tragedy. One of my sister's friend was in the 24 who didnt make it :(."

The incident has come as a shocker to many and after the releasing of the video which showed how everything happened in just three minutes and students got swept away right in front of many eyes has caused more grief. Let us hope at least the authorities will be able to recover the rest of the bodies and give some peace to the victims’ parents.

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