Telangana Heat In Film Chamber

By - June 13, 2014 - 03:13 PM IST

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The big issue has been resolved and the state has been bifurcated.

But, the Telangana heat is now flaming up amidst Telugu producers. Till now, we were one under the roof of Tollywood but the Telangana unrest has become quite evident with a ruckus in Film chamber today.

In a small meeting today in Film Chamber, some producers got down to serious argument with KS Vallabha (son of eminent producer KS Rama Rao) demanding a separate Film Chamber for the Telangana producers to address their concerns, according to a source.

Previously, there were allegations and unrest that Telagana culture and accent are only being made fun of in all the films but later there was a change! But now after the state bifurcation, some in the film fraternity are demanding separate hub for Telagana producers, distributors and movies.

But art and money have no language, border and race! Guess, this issue gets resolved at the earliest.

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