Suma Wants To Settle There

By - June 13, 2014 - 11:20 AM IST

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If one has to speak about the queen of the small screen industry then the first person that comes to mind is Suma Kanakala, wife of actor Rajeev Kanakala. Over the years, she has built a brand for herself as an anchor for events, show host etc. Today, she is the most sought after personality.

While that may be her professional front, at a personal level, Suma seems to be just like any other girl who has her share of cute dreams and desires. This was revealed when she has put a picture of herself on Facebook. Now, this picture has a specialty because Suma is seen standing next to a miniature model.

She has given a line which goes ‘I want to go and live there’. Well, the location where Suma is seems to be a foreign one and her chirpy want of staying in that has got a very good response. Well, the way she shows a tone of mischief and playfulness while facing the camera, Suma seems to be the same even in her real life.