Great Reviews For Nagababu's Daughter

By - June 12, 2014 - 07:12 PM IST

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It is common to have a series of observations and analysis when a new actress or anchor faces the camera but this gets tripled when the girl comes from a celebrity background. This is the reason why Niharika Konidela, daughter of mega brother Nagababu came under intense scrutiny by many.

But true to the anticipation, Niharika seems to have scored good points. She is anchoring the popular show ‘Dhee’ in ETV channel and reports say she is getting very positive reviews. Many say Niharika is doing boldly and not showing airs that she comes from a starry background.

She is doing her thing like a thorough professional and she has picked up TV dynamics quickly. The body language, voice, diction are few traits she has worked properly and she has scored points in all departments. Of course, some say she would look double great if she tones down her body a bit. For now, way to go Niharika!

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