Rajamouli's Larger Than Cinema Strategy

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Director SS Rajamouli has got a very offbeat but unique strategy when it comes to promoting his films and there is a good element of teamwork in it. The latest from him happens to be a tribute video to the fight master Peter Hein. The video focused on Peter’s taste for fashion, his agility and his guts.

Apparently for Anushka’s birthday, Prabhas’s birthday, Rana’s birthday who are the lead cast of Baahubali, Rajamouli came up with special videos on their birthday. Just like the way he promoted the film and created a grand aura now recently, he has done something similar to renowned action choreographer Peter Hein.

Apart from his styling, Peter is a very big technician and he is the chosen one for all the fights in top league movies. The audience will connect to every department if Rajamouli continues this trend with all his key technicians. The public will get an epic feeling. One needs a very big heart to give credit to all the technicians. So Rajamouli deserves a genuine appreciation!

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