RGV New Hollywood Horror Film Idea

By - June 16, 2014 - 12:36 PM IST

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We know Ram Gopal Varma is a machine gun loaded with ideas. He keeps firing one, two or sometimes a full coil every day. Now, he has come up with a latest idea for a Hollywood horror film (guess he is done with Tolly and Bollywoods) and this time upon internationally popular figures like Obama and Osama. The moment it stikes his brain, the very moment it is on his twitter. His latest tweet reads -

"A great idea for hollywwood horror film ..Osama Bin Laden's ghost posesses Obama and all dead Alqaeda terrorists haunt the White House"

Well, probably RGV is the only man to get or express such outlandish ideas! Perhaps now, all he needs is an appointment of Obama or some Hollywood producers to narrate this line!

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