Few Changes In Telugu Cinema Industry

By - June 23, 2014 - 07:06 PM IST

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Though Tollywood has been churning out films in good quantities it must be said that the economics has not been that encouraging. Many deserving films tend to go unnoticed or not get the required number of theatres. All in all, the business gets affected so here are few tips coming from some analysts.

First, they suggest that instead of theatrical rents a percentage formula must be implemented. This is especially for small movies and that will make a huge difference. Secondly, the big star films should come only on festivals because that’s the holiday season and maximum can be earned, leaving rest of the days for small movies. They can also be given the choice of deciding the ticket price during the first weekend for big films to make maximum turnover with the demand. 

This system is already being followed in Tamil Nadu and that’s why small movies are working with good reach and success in that state as they get scope to be screened across many theatres. Let us wish the Tollywood board pays heed.

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