SS Audio- A Perfect Musical Monsoon Breeze

By - June 23, 2014 - 11:22 PM IST

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Saheba Subramaniam is an upcoming romantic entertainer starring Dileep Kumar and Priyal Gor, directed by Sasi Kiran Narayana, daughter of ace comedian M.S.Narayana. Music for the film is composed by Shaan Rahman. Here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins with Alanaina sung by Hemachandra at his breeziest best. The lilting acoustic guitar, mellowed bass work and great string section make it a laid back melody. There is a beautiful breeziness associated with the track which makes it a listener’s pleasure. Hemachandra makes sure the native and classical touch is retained melodiously in the track.

In a totally contrasting manner, a paced up track Guttuga Nindene arrives next pumping up the much needed energy. The vocalist Rakendu Mouli does a great job in the singing department and the interludes are neatly woven with good fun elements. The usage of harmonium and techno instruments in the same league is something commendable.

The laid back ambience is retained with Parada Chatuna sung with Rakendu Mouli in velvety voice. The acoustic guitar and piano join the feast of tabla rhythm with unmistakable ease. The progressive string section gives a great feel to the overall track and a very special mention for the poetic lyrics as well. This track can be termed as the best composition in this album for what it offers.

Muddu Muddu Maatala is a fusion based duet with great violin touches and wonderful orchestration. The composition is based on Hindustani Raag Jog- a raag which has mesmerizing depth and emotional vigor.  While the male singer Sachin Warrier sings at great perfection, the female singer’s diction sounds out of place. The interludes are woven with soulful saarangi for listener’s pleasure.

Another breezy track Aa Taaralae arrives with mesmerizing poetry in lyrics and the orchestration as well. The usage of guitar, grand piano in the midst of modern percussions is done with great ease. The composition takes the listener to a world of relaxed and laid back brilliance. The harmonium adds more native touch as well.

The album gains little pace with Om Namosthuthe with wonderful blend of jazz, western classical and carnatic music. Composed in Carnatic Raaga Abheri, the composer brings the best contrasting musical worlds together in ease. The singer Rakendu Mouli does a great job with sweetness and delicate modulations.

Kalanaina is yet another breezy extravaganza sung by Chaitra. The composition has great piano, with lovely jazz touches and bass work. The string section is lilting and never over done making it a laid back hearing. The new age style of orchestration has been made best use by the composer for this track.

The fusion experimentation continues with a short composition Vande Mukunda sung with great vigor by Hemachandra. The composition speaks of the unification of religious faiths with great lyrics and rightfully the orchestration makes it more enjoyable. The bass guitar goes on a row with fantastic touches, and usage of electronica is done with amazing perfection
The album reaches its finale with a groovy guitar number Sony Sony sung by the composer Shaan Rahman himself. The Hip-Hop styled rhythm in the midst of Spanish guitar is the main highlight of the composition. The lovely rhythm, mellowed bass guitar and progressive string section adds much to the value of the track. Usage of harmonium in the midst of trance rhythms is a good style of experimentation.

Saheba Subramaniam is a brilliantly crafted album with exquisiteness in orchestration, singing and lyrics as well. It is undoutebly like the monsoon breeze for this season! The amazing classicism it offers would make the listener amazed and wish for more such albums to arrive in the midst of heavy sounding music in Modern Telugu Films off late.

Rating: 3.25/5