RGV To Come Up With New Technology Again?

By - June 24, 2014 - 09:53 AM IST

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A perfect cinema is the perfect combination of all the 24 crafts and it is often said that a director also needs to be a good technician to understand the process of filmmaking in the right manner. In that list, the name of Ram Gopal Varma figures first. His eye for technicalities has been phenomenal over the years.

Decades ago, he came with the film ‘Shiva’ and he brought a new era and definition for sound. He also introduced the unheard of steady cam technology with the same movie. This is the first time that anyone has seen something like this in Tollywood. Later, this was adopted by many big filmmakers here.

Then recently in his other movie ‘Satya 2’ he introduced eagle cam and many were baffled how RGV could come up with those shots. Well, it was being operated with remote in unexpected angles. Now, with his new movie ‘Ice Cream’ the eccentric genius has introduced flowcam technology. Many are asking what is going to be next from RGV’s kitty after this. Stay tuned for more surprises from him.

To watch the video that's shot with a flow-cam, Click Here

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