Passionate Producer Of Modern Times!

By - June 27, 2014 - 12:41 PM IST

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There are no two words when we say the producer is the backbone and life for the making of a film. Without his money and involvement, no film can exist. But then there has been a transition in the kind of producers the film industry has seen over ages. These days, producers are more bent on business at the box office.

The fire and passion towards the art and craft of cinema has died and many treat this as a mere commercial product. However, amidst this kind of environment, there are those few good producers and one among them is Anil Sunkara. He is one producer who is extremely passionate about cinema and its betterment.

For that matter, he spent a fortune and directed a film with high-end technology in the form of Action 3DAfter making a hit Aha Na Pellanta, he turned the heads by making a big film Dookudu with Mahesh Babu and now another big one Aagadu. Interestingly he forays into Sandalwood as well. Many Telugu producers feel that Kannada film industry is not a tempting cash cow and hence don't venture into it. But Anil Sunkara is now making Power with Puneet Rajkumar.

Some of the Tollywood seniors say Anil Sunkara is reminding a lot of Ashwini Dutt, the mighty producer known for killer combinations and lavish budget flicks. Now, that legacy seems to be carried forward by Anil Sunkara. Let us wish this man a strong success and a bright future in cinema industry.

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