• Cast , Vaibhav Reddy, Raju Sundaram, Kamna Jethmalani, Sneha Ullal, Neelam Upadhyay
  • BannerAK Entertainments
  • Editor M.R Varma
  • Cinematography Sarvesh Murari
  • Music Bappi Lahari
  • Producer Rama Brahmam Sunkara
  • Director Anil Sunkara
  • Audio release date 22 Apr 2013

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Action 3D review

“No Action, No Entertainment!“

Posted: 20 June 2013-23:26 PM

Bava (Allari Naresh), Purush (Raju Sundaram), Ajay (Shyam) and Siva (Vaibhav) are thick friends since their childhood. Ajay's marriage get settled with Sandhya (Sheena) and just before the marriage, they go on a trip to Goa to enjoy. In Goa, they get drunk fully and in the state of aberration, several events take place in their life which land them in all sorts of trouble. What are they and how they come out of them forms the actual story.

The four musketeers in the story - Allari Naresh, Raju Sundaram, Shyam and Vaibhav had delivered very good performance. Allari Naresh has done justice to his stature and his hard work in dances is also commendable. Neelam Upadhyaya is glamorous and is here to stay. However, she has to improve a bit in acting. Sneha Ullal looked hot in the pub song. Sheena and Kamna Jethmalani get insignificant roles.

MS Narayana as Bokka Venkat Rao managed some good laughs with his show reel. Ali as ATM Jackson and Brahmi as Magnet Mama are not so effective. The guest appearance by Sudeep is completely wasted. Sunil is seen narrating the entire story to Posani.

This is producer Anil Sunkara's maiden directorial venture. The movie is almost a freemake of Hollywood movie, Hangover with some minor changes. Few scenes were direct rip off from Bollywood movies like Hey Baby and Dhamaal. The director does not seem to have an idea of what screenplay means. He just went on compiling few scenes and stitching them together with out any proper logic or reasoning. There are several loose ends as well, which appeared and disappeared with out any justification.

Bappi and Bappa Lahiri composed music for the movie. All the songs in the album were good and the back ground score is adequate. The two remix songs are very good and are excellently picturized.

There are few 3D effects in the movie. The stones, flowers, waters etc . They are good since it is the first 3D movie in Telugu. Sarvesh Murari's cinematography is good. Editing is really bad and seemed patchy at several places.

The makers should be certainly commended for brining a new technology for Telugu audience. But at the same time, they should realize that all these are only add ons. The story is the ultimate hero of any movie. Except for a few scenes like the Gorilla scene, Show Reel scene and couple of other very small moments, there is nothing in the movie. Watch it if you have absolutely nothing to do this weekend!

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