Daggubati Rana's Height Woes

By - June 29, 2014 - 01:09 PM IST

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It is a common tendency among men to dream of having a good height and also among women to have a man with a good height. But it is only those tall dudes who know how tough it is to carry themselves in few places. Sometimes they are being stared at due to their height and here is another hiccup with height.

This is something hero Daggubati Rana understands very well. Apparently, the young hero is a frequent flyer due to his work but his height causes the woes to him during flight journey. Well, the emergency exit rows are the only seats that fully fit him in a flight. He recently stated his hard time in an Indigo flight.

Emergency exit rows tend to have ample leg room and given the hectic lifestyle most of the actors prefer to use the air journeys as resting and sleep time. But for someone like Rana, it gets difficult if he is not given that emergency exit seats. Well, he might experience difficulty sitting in a theatre also then.

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