That Is My Dad's Wish: Allari Naresh

By - June 29, 2014 - 01:10 PM IST

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Allari Naresh’s films are an entertaining journey. If one forgets logic, his films are capable of generating magic! The audience prefers to watch Allari Naresh’s films in order to relax a little and laugh heartily for a period of about two hours! Despite having few hardships with respect to success in the past one year, the actor is confident on his upcoming films.This vivacious actor is celebrating his birthday on 30th of this June. Here is an iQlik chit chat with the actor on this eve...
Hi Naresh.. Many Happy Returns of the day!
Thank you!

How are you celebrating this Birthday?
I am going to turn into full time producer now. Indraganti Mohanakrishna’s upcoming film is going on to sets in Rajahmundry. I used to observe production work when Dad used to produce films but this time I am going to turn into a full time producer. Dad’s presence used to make me quite confident. We really miss his guidance now as me and my brother (Aryan Rajesh) have to look after all the work.

How has the year been for you in professional front?
You have been watching how it has been (Smiles)! I’ve been doing my best for every film all the while. However, if one hit arrives everything changes upside down. I am pretty confident about it.

Where do you think is going wrong?  Is it the subject or the making?
Well, I have been choosing scripts which are good enough.  However, the audience expect nonstop comedy from my films. The same happened with Laddu Babu, while we wanted to present a feel good film instead. For Action 3D, we worked hard for one and half year to give a new treat for the audience but it failed badly mainly because of this expectation.

Are you feeling you are not giving enough comedy for the audience?
Probably! In my films, right from the title card to end card, people expect full length comedy from me.  But it is not always possible. We have less number of writers. New jokes are coming up with social media and we need to be updating ourselves. Audiences take films for granted if jokes are repetitive.

Do you think there is a scarcity of writers in industry?
Yes. All good writers are turning into directors that’s where the main problem lies. Many writers are using it (Prasa) to make an appealing line but such lines won’t be received well without good substance.

It is said that you are not taking good care upon song picturization?
My films are often done on shoe-string budgets. And quality is directly proportional to budget. Producer has to look after aspects like these.

You are introducing new heroines but they are failing miserably. Why do you think its happening?
I think the main reason lies in the improper characterizations for heroines. They have limited screen time. If a film’s shooting commences for 30 days, my scenes with the heroine last just for four days. All this depends on the producers and writers to get hold of good stories.

How long are you going to continue doing spoof films?

I wanted to stop it with Sudigadu but I'm compelled to continue this to render a hit line. B and C class audience prefer such lines from me.  From Bandipotu that wouldn’t happen for sure.

Tell us more about Bandipotu.
He is a Robin Hood styled character. He steals from the thieves. It is an interesting characterization that I loved in the recent times,

Will u make more films under EVV banner?
I will make three films per year. While I do as hero for one film, I shall introduce new actors in the remaining two.

When will you act with your Brother Aryan Rajesh?
He is planning for a negative character. Very soon, you might see a film with myself as hero and him as the villain.

Plans as director?
Will do in 2015. My dad always wanted me to become director.

How about the EVV Charitable Trust?
EVV Charitable Trust is going in full swing. 10 % of my remuneration will go for charity. It will be utilized in the service of film industry.

Okay..Thanks and wish you all the best for this year!