Deva Katta Proves His USP

By - July 02, 2014 - 11:01 AM IST

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It's said that Director is the Captain of the Ship and truly so, his role is unarguably the toughest and at times the most thankless job in the film industry. He has to manage the entire show right from start and if it fails to create magic at the box office, the entire blame shifts on to him. So, it is important that a director has his USP before doing a film.

In that aspect, Director Deva Katta seems to hold a promise as per Tollywood circles. His previous films Vennela and Prasthanam are a perfect showcase of his caliber. In fact, Prasthanam has been widely appreciated by the critics too. With desperation to prove himself as a commercial director, he has come up the Naga Chaitanya starrer Autonagar Surya which received a mixed response.

Undeterred by that, Deva Katta has been pushing the film strongly across the Social media to promote the film, as promotion has become one of the major assets for a movie to reach the wider range of the audience. Hence, the director is leaving no stone unturned. Of late, rather film making, releasing the film has become a herculean task. So, unless one is sure of giving the film a good release, there is no point coming forward. But Deva Katta is proving to be an inspiration for many filmmakers and is standing out for an example.

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