Indian Films Vs American Films

By - July 03, 2014 - 03:47 PM IST

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There is an age-old belief that Indian cinema is inspired by the American flicks. But here is someone who seems to have done a good comparison on what the American and Indian films actually teach the audience. It was analyzed on a lighter vein but it sure holds a good amount of facts.
The comparison states that from American films what one learns is:
- The Chinese are there only to practice Kung-Fu
- More than half the population in America is working undercover for secret service government organizations of the USA.
- A school system in US is to promote Baseball and Basketball
- The US is a place where all the mythical creatures like Werewolves, Vampires are found in large numbers.
As for the Indian movies:

- One of the twins born tends to grow up as an evil person
- Whenever a bomb defusing scene is there, despite all the tension, the person tends to cut only the right wire always
- The heroes tend to be cool and unaffected when getting bashed up by a bunch of goons but the moment a girl is nursing the wounds, they exhibit enormous pain
- The moment a hero dances on the street, everyone who is around get in sync with him and do exactly the same steps.

Well, this is circulating on social networking sites from quite some time.