Autonagar Surya Steps into Profits

By - July 04, 2014 - 10:07 AM IST

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Autonagar Surya after facing innumerable obstacles has been bailed out recently, the film received a mixed response and length of the film has become the cause of concern. The director had trimmed 12 minutes in the second half and the results were fruitful, the movie got a better mileage henceforth.

Well, his calculation was expressed in a tweet like this – ‘If we look into the first 6 days share + satellite + dubbings, the product made 20-30% more than what's actually spent on it. This is truth!! As per my sources, the actual spending on ANS is between 10-11 crore. The rest of the burdens were from other products and previous outings!’

That way, Deva Katta is taking into account the film’s performance if it had released post completion without any delay. However, his aggressive publicity will help the film will run for one more week and the profit numbers might be reached. With no other big film around, this could add to Autonagar Surya’s benefit.

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