Social Networking Threatening PRO's

By - July 07, 2014 - 02:48 PM IST

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Technology is ever changing and making life much simpler. There were days people used to wait for letters from their near and dear, calling a person out of your village was a Herculean task till few years ago. With the technology growing by leaps and bounds, everything is changing within just wink of an eye and with the advent of Social Networking, the face of entertainment industry has gone through a transformation. Information reaches quickly to the general public and most importantly, it is the barrier between the film celebrities and the audience that has grown strongly. In this process, one department is feeling the heat.
We are talking about the PROs (Public Relations) of films. These days, heroines, technicians are putting up posts on social networking sites and making announcements about their next career moves. Earlier, PROs used to gather information from the industry and share it with the media.
That way, they used to have a professional value. But now that is facing a hiccup. Only when an event has to be organized or some press notes have to be revealed, the film fraternity is informing the PRO to do the needful. Otherwise, most of the information is being given directly to the people. In a way it is a dent to the PR chaps in terms of their professional identity.
Generally, this is how celebs are sharing some information in what is ideally a PRO’s job.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu: ‘Last day of the talkie part of Rabhasa. Just one song left’
Hansika: ‘Now done with #Chennai off to #Bulgaria’

It has to be seen what the future holds for these PR individuals then.

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