I'm Waiting To Do Such A Film: Venkatesh

By - July 07, 2014 - 02:41 PM IST

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Venkatesh is always known for his family entertainers with his unique style and histrionics. He is more close to women audience for his natural look and simple style. The actor is a happy man with the completion of Malayalam remake Drushyam and is all set to work for Oh My God remake Gopala Gopala with Pawan Kalyan. Excerpts from the interview with Victory Venkatesh:
How is Drushyam shaping up?
Yeah...So far it has come out really good. The movie is in the censor phase. We are looking it release on this 11th. The response for the promos and music has also been good. Totally, we are very positive on the end result.

How do you feel about doing so many remakes in your career off late?
Compared to all heroes, I did more remakes in my career but I never did them without adding my own touch. That is why I feel happy that I could bring a new edge to a remake film.

Tell us about your yesteryear co-star Meena and her performance in Drushyam..
I did Chanti, Sundarakanda, Abbayigaru, Suryavamsham earlier with her and all of them were super hits. We share a great on-screen chemistry. She is a perfectionist as far as acting is concerned and shares a great rapport with me. I am sure our striking chemistry would be reflected in Drushyam as well.

Do you agree that most of your films are more inclined to family and sentimental audience?
(Smiles) Definitely! My films go to the pathos edge sometime or other! I think I can be certified as 'No.1' Hero in Pathos genre films!

Any plans of venturing into producing films?
Though my name is not credited as a producer for our family banner Suresh Productions, I actively contribute in the production responsibilities throughout. Hence there is no need to exclusively venture into producing at this stage! We as a family take collective decisions about our films.

What do you feel about the music for Drushyam?
The music is highly sentimental and a beautiful score is given. The music is melodious and heart touching. Sharath Vasudevan gave fantastic re-recording for this film and it will stand an asset for the film for sure.

We observe you have been actively interacting for Drushyam’s promotion?
I am interacting about this film like ever before because I really liked this subject. The role of a father with two daughters really suits my age. I liked the genre very much and I feel this is the right time for me to experiment as an actor.
How is Gopala Gopala coming up?
The filming has already started and I am going to join the team after Drushyam is released. Pawan will be joining later.  I really liked the concept of a devotee filing a case on God. The dialogues are thought provoking too.

How is it working with Dolly (Director of Gopala Gopala)?
He is doing a great job. Script by Borra Sainath is really good. It would emerge as the much needed 'New Age' film in the midst of commercial entertainers in Telugu.

How do you think the audience would receive Drushyam?
Drushyam is a sure shot hit. I never tell about a hit or fail usually but this time I'm pretty much sure.  I was feeling novelty in it from the first photo shoot itself. I hope and wish for more genre films in Telugu.  Audience can enjoy sentiment, family drama and mass elements blended with great care in this film. My fans are awaiting this film’s release.

Tell us about your co-star Nadhiya’s performance in Drushyam..
She was extraordinary in this film. The scenes between us came out great. Her natural acting skills added much to the overall feel of the film.

Will Drushyam connect more to the common audiences?
Absolutely.  This film is close to middle class life. An ordinary middle class family’s wishes and environment has been well predicted with attention to miniscule sensibilities like eating at a restaurant, going for a movie. In fact, I feel so different, new and common with the normal clothing without the regular boring branded stuff. I have taken a resolution that I will not do films for get up or style, though I did such movies before.

How do you rate your performance with that of Mohan Lal in the original Drishyam?
Mohan Lal is a great artist. Nevertheless, I had a feeling that I did great for the role as well. I never competed with anyone and I'm no way a comparison to him. (Laughs).
Will you ever do a film like Manam?
Why not? But, for that an interesting script and an able director is needed. Luckily ANR family got such script and it was a huge hit. We are ever ready for doing such films. I'm eagerly waiting to do such a film.

Will you ever do a full length film with negative character?
I don’t think people would accept me in a negative role! When I did a role with a slight grey shade in Nagavalli, it horribly backfired. That is why I might not be ventureing into such roles (Smiles).

Did you meet Mohan Lal or Kamal Hassan regarding a pep talk about Drushyam as they are part of the same film script in Malayalam and Tamil respectively?
I've been frequently meeting Kamal Hassan of late and we discuss about films and subjects often. He is a legendary person and I am curious to see his version of Drishyam. I even met Mohan Lal and he was pleased to know that I'm doing the film in Telugu.

Thank you and wish you all the success for Drushyam and Gopala Gopala!
Thank you so much!