Five Great Actors Nurtured by K.Balachander

By - July 08, 2014 - 03:29 PM IST

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The name  ‘K.Balachander’ is associated with hard hitting characterizations, thought provoking drama and defining cinematic experience. There is perhaps no other director until him who explored the poetic nature of the Sea which he makes one of the important characters in his films as well.  There is no such challenging topic which he did not explore- let it be Unemployment, Suicides, Untouchability, Female Empowerment, Classy Ego or what not? K.Balachander has a style of his own in whatever topic he chooses. However, his films are best known for strong female characterizations at an era when female leads were confined to glamour or just for songs. This legendary film personality also has the credit of introducing as well as nurturing some of the greatest actors who graced the South Indian Film Arena. These actors changed the dimension as well as the direction of the word Cinema in South India altogether. They made everyone look at Cinema not as a second grade performing platform but as a place of respect and immense talent.

 On the eve of the legend’s birthday, iQlikmovies brings you the list of five great actors who were nurtured by him with utmost care and perfection.

Kamal Hassan: Critics as well as the audience feel that the complete potential of Kamal Hassan as an actor was best explored and presented by K.Balachander. He was given brilliant challenging roles like a womanizer in Manmadha Leela, a passionate singer in Andamaina Anubhavam,  a fickle minded lover in Maro Chaitra, a introvert ventriloquist in Idhi Kadha Kaadhu, an unemployed youth in Akali Rajyam. Kamal Hassan’s body language, histrionics, diction, and style evolved with a quantum change – thanks to K.Balachander’s intricate guidance, care and support throughout.

Rajnikanth: Today’s generation knows Rajnikanth for his style and punch dialogues but it was not how the legend was in the beginning. K.Balachander knew the best of Rajnikanth’s deep emotional expressions, unique persona and attitude. The portrayal of Rajnikanth as an irresponsible brother in Jayaprada starrer Anthuleni Kadha itself is a big example of this. K.Balachander has been instrumental in exploring the best of Rajnikanth not as a star but as a fantastic actor as well.

Saritha: She was like a representation of 70s women in every Balachander film she appeared. With her brilliant voice which could emote any sort of situation with ease, Saritha’s best came from Balachander. She became an embodiment of the strong female with films like Maro Chaitra, Kokilamma, Guppedu Manasu and so on. Though the number of films she did were minimal, her lasting presence in Telugu Cinema continued with her amazing voice as dubbing artist for many contemporary heroines even till date.

Jayaprada: She began her career as a demure glam doll but a revolutionary change happened to her acting career with her portrayal as an unmarried working woman in Anthuleni Kadha. At a tender teenage, K.Balachander took the challenge to show her as a woman in mid 20s with amazing training of his.  People understood her potential as an actress, as well as a stunning beauty thanks to K.Balachander’s picture perfect mentorship. She even acted as a captive wife of an evil NRI played by Chiranjeevi in 47 Rojulu, which had the best of her performance.

Prakash Raj: Formerly called Prakash Rai, K.Balachander discovered this deep eyed passionate stage actor hailing from Bangalore in early 90s. He rechristened the young man to Prakash Raj, into a new invincible avatar of feature film acting. There is no role which this gentleman cannot perform. Beginning with essentially negative roles, everybody knows the inspirational acting career of Prakash Raj. This actor is a devotee of K.Balachander in such a way that he named his production house as Duet Movies- after his acting debut in Balachander’s film with the name Duet.

The contribution of K.Balachander to the world of South Indian Cinema is indispensable. iQlikmovies wishes the legend a very happy birthday and an artistic year ahead!

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