B'day Spl: 5 Pathbreaking Songs of MS Viswanathan

By - June 24, 2014 - 05:54 PM IST

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This gentleman was a rage in Composing right from the 70s era- just when Indian Cinema was shaping up its best. His compositions shook a generation of music lovers with the perfect ingredients of melodious magic. This doesn’t mean he did not give fast paced compositions because some of his songs became the anthems of youth those days. On the eve of Mel Isai Mannar M.S.Viswanathan’s birthday, iQlikmovies.com brings you the top five path breaking compositions from the legend:

Devude Icchadu Veedhi Okati- Yesudas- Anthuleni Kadha (1976):
This song touches the most deep philosophical schools of thought in less than four minutes of duration through music and lyrics. The youthful and fresh voice of K.J. Yesudas added to the emotional touch of the song- which brought a new wave of such philosophical solos for him in his career later. Athreya’s heart touching lyrics became another jewel to this crown. Not to forget Superstar Rajnikanth’s amazing acting performance as the unsuccessful youth who depends on his sister played by young Jayaprada.

Vidhi Cheyu Vinthalanni-Vani Jayaram- Maro Charitra (1978):
Well, we all know the extreme popularity of Ye Theega Poovuno and Bhale Bhale Magadivoi from this film but the real crux of the film is portrayed in the song "Vidhi Cheyu Vinthalanni..." sung phenomenally by Vani Jayaram. The estrangement between lovers, the transformation of the hero and the sadness of the heroine are shown in parallel through music. Composed in Hindustani Raag Behag, this song proved that MSV can give an out and out classical composition which could pull the heartstrings of any individual.

Junior Junior..Atu Itu Kaani- S.P.B- Idhi Kadha Kadhu (1979):
The trend of mimicry songs was indeed started by M.S.Vishwanathan which have a variety of emotional touches such as comedy, sentiment, amazement and innovation. This song portrays a ventriloquist who expresses his love towards the female protagonist through his skills. This path breaking innovative concept was implemented musically to perfection by MSV. Coincidentally, this song was penned by Athreya as well!

Kurralloy Kurrallu-S.P.B- Andamaina Anubhavam (1979):
This evergreen youthful classic can be termed as the most modern composition even till date. The song became one of the all time hits in S.P.B’s career and no concert of his remains complete without performing this song. Apart from being a mesmerizing composition, it reflects the spirited youthful nature and the capability of youngsters to achieve or attain anything in life. It is interesting to note that this song was remixed in a film called Kurradu starring Varun Sandhesh and sung by S.P.B with equal vigor again. It is not only an anthem for Telugu Households but for South Indian Cinema as it was remixed by Yogi B for Dhanush starrer Polladhavan as well.

Kanne Pillavani- S.P.B and S.Janaki- Akali Rajyam (1981):
This is a unique composition and a cinematic situation where the female lead sings a random tune and the hero spontaneously sings the tune with his own lyrics. It is perhaps the first time in Telugu Cinema such song graced on screen and MSV’s laid back orchestration and lovely interludes add more value to it. A well deserved mention to Athreya for writing lines like “Sangeetham Neevaithe.. Saahityam Nenautha” for this classic!

iQlikmovies.com wishes the ever smiling and amazing composer M.S.Vishwanathan a very happy birthday and a musical year ahead!

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