Five Unique Trends of Vijayashanti in Telugu Cinema

By - June 24, 2014 - 03:38 PM IST

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The ocean of Telugu Cinema has enjoyed a new current of themed films - thanks to the versatile actress Vijayashanthi. An actress who acted in 186 films spanned over Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam, got national award for her memorable performance as the aggressive lady police officer for Karthavyam (1991). She was a versatile leading lady of Telugu cinema during 80s and early 90s era in roles of various shades such as glamour, action, sentiment, sadness and so on. On the eve of her birthday, iQlikmovies brings you the five unique trends this talented actress has pioneered in the World of Telugu Cinema with the help of her writers and directors.

A dynamic Lady Police:

Vijayashanthi was the first heroine who could become so famous in the role of a Police Officer through the film Karthavyam. Based on the real life story of IPS officer Kiran Bedi, Vijayashanthi breathed life to the role and gave a soulful touch with her unique histrionics. Her body language, attire, and expressions were so perfect for the Lady Police Officer get up. She was seen as police officer in Surya IPS, Shatruvu, Kondaveeti Donga and many such blockbuster films of the early 90s era. Even now, 'Kartavyam Vijayashanti' is referred as a synonym for determination and valor.

The Lady Rambo:

It was a rare sight to watch a female lead perform stunts with ease in front of the camera until Vijayashanthi appeared on Telugu Silver screen. Though some heroines attempted tomboyish roles and tried few stunts earlier, Vijayashanthi’s daring approach towards pioneering stunts and fights has broke the mold and changed the perspective towards female leads on par with male co-stars.

What..Heroine With A Slang?

There were few heroines who attempted Godavari accent for just few sequences and later switched to the normal language but Vijayashanthi did the role of a bold Telangana Housewife in Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam with masterful perfection. It was indeed a rarity to see the female lead speak in flawless Telangana accent throughout the film and the song ‘Laloo Darwaja Laskar’ became a career defining song for her as well.

Definition of a Powerful Lady:

The word 'Revolution' has Vijayashanti too in it's synonym list. And the reason for would obviously be - Osey Ramulamma (1997). Both the film and her gritty 'Ramulamma' character has shown the world the much ignored ground reality and remained an epic character and characterization in history of Indian cinema. Even before this dynamic lady entered into Political Arena, she began the trend of female lead starring in Political Backdrop films from early 80s. Beginning with the legendary film Pratighatan where she combats against criminalization of politics, her marathon of political films continued with Vandemataram, Neti Bharatam, Shatruvu, Kondaveeti Donga, Surya IPS, Police Lock Up and so on. But Aasayam which had her paired opposite Jagapathi Babu in a memorable role in Political Backdrop, deserves a special mention.

The Unique Family Woman:
Hang on.. all the above points would look judgemental because they focus on the lesser feminine side of Vijayashanthi. But her performance as a mellowed, sweet and lovely female lead cannot be overlooked. She brought a unique style for Family oriented movies with great transformation in body language, attire, dialogue delivery and looks. Her performance in Jandhyala’s Padamati Sandhya Ragam as the typical orthodox Telugu Girl and a rural belle in K.Vishwanath's Swayam Krushi itself are phenomenal examples of this.

iQlikmovies wishes the exceptional versatile actress Vijayashanthi a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!