Dil Raju Trying Hard To Pull Auto...

By - June 24, 2014 - 03:43 PM IST

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Dil Raju is not only a big producer but in fact a big distributor too! So, naturally he has a say in various financial settlements in the industry with regard to cinema.

Well according to the latest insider reports, he is trying to settle a small issue regarding Naga Chaitanya’s Auto Nagar Surya too. We know the film is facing a court stay regarding a recent financial litigation worth Rs 2 crore. Now, the makers have sought Dil Raju's help in settling the issue at about Rs. 1 crore outside the court only, to open the gates for ANS release.

The makers have already issued press releases and ads announcing the release date and suddenly this Rs. 2 crore issue has popped up. Nagarjuna has tried his level best to pull up the film from the deep financial pit and now Dil Raju is doing his part to bring out Yuva Samrat and creative director Deva Katta.

Guess all Dil Raju's efforts and their hardship pays off with the movie’s success!

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