Casting Calls To New Talent

By - July 10, 2014 - 12:04 PM IST

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Tollywood has always been benevolent to the girls with great sex appeal and talent and made them heroines. Right now, a new talent seems to have caught their attention. Her name is Kruthika and she has made her debut with the film Drushyam.

Many from the Tollywood fraternity have seen Drushyam and they are impressed with Kruthika ’s performance and her looks. Already, calls have begun flowing to her from various offices and production houses with film offers.  Some of the experienced members say this is the phase when Kruthika has to be careful.

At this time if she falls into the trap of managers and hikes her remuneration then her career will be bundled up in no time. But if she connects with the directors in the right manner and chalks her way through with humility and grounded nature, she would become a star in no time. Kruthika is just 17 years old and as of now, she is talking sensibly. Let us wish she maintains the same stand throughout.

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