New Filmania in Tollywood

By - July 11, 2014 - 04:05 PM IST

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Cinema is a passion, Cinema is an addiction. Glamour, Money, Fame and Limelight, all these factors lure the common man and forces him to step into the colorful world of Cinema. As the fortunes are never steady and entry into the filmdom has never been easy, many though dream of becoming a film celebrity, shed their dreams and settle down in jobs. But now, Tollywood is experiencing a new mania in the form of NRIs. Those who are working in US as software engineers for many years are coming to Hyderabad.
They are passionate about Cinema and taking rounds to some or the other film offices and approaching even small budget filmmakers to get chance to work as associates or assistant directors and are grabbing what is coming their way.
Most of these NRI’s not coming to earn money but it is more about fulfilling the dream of becoming a director, writer etc.,. Some of them are not even getting married with the fear that they may have to leave this field due to family obligations. This is a new trend which is being observed and only fate will decide their future.
The perfect examples of NRI’s who turned film makers are Sekhar Kammula, Deva Katta, Krish and even comedian Vennela Kishore was an NRI who settled in Tollywood.

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