Evergreen Dr.Chakravarthy Completes 50 Years

By - July 11, 2014 - 04:33 PM IST

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The ideal family drama film Dr Chakravarthy starring ANR, Savitri, Jaggaiah and Shaavukaru Janaki in the lead roles completes 50 years by today. This film can be called as another gem from Annapurna Production House which is known for making fantastic family oriented films. iQlikmovies.com brings you the exclusive facts about this amazing masterpiece for all classes of audience..

Dr. Chakravarthy's Birth:
Dr.Chakravarthy is one unique trendsetter which brought the Novel based film tradition in Telugu Cinema. In fact, the book 'Barrister Parvateesam' written by Mokkapati Narasimharao was made as a film earlier. As per record it can be termed as the first film to be made from a Telugu Novel. However, the film could not become a great trendsetter. Dr. Chakravarthy on the other hand set a standard for many novel based films which came later. It is based on award winning novel 'Chakrabhramanam' which was published in Andhra Prabha weekly in the year 1962 as a serial. Dukkapati Madhusudana Rao, the head of Annapurna Production house wanted to make a film based on this novel written by Koduri Kousalya Devi. In fact, the same production house made many changes to a novel named 'Kaalateeta Vyakthulu' written by Dr.Sridevi into a popular film named Chaduvukunna Ammailu starring ANR, Savitri and Krishnakumari. As Chakrabhramanam had more cinematic sequences, Annapurna wanted to make into a film. The story line deals with a passionate man who looks at a woman who surprisingly resembles his long lost sister with pure sisterly affection and what sort of reactions occur as a result of this piped up affections. The story deals with this single point and perhaps that is the reason why the novel is named Chakrabharamanam. The story has strong sentimental value, human values, hidden emotional conflicts. If this was made into a film script with Athreya’s dialogues and acted by legendary stars like ANR, Savitri and Jaggiah, it would be a great fetching point. However, there is lot of difference between a novel and a film. A novel has more liberty in terms of description, emotional turmoil and lot of explanation. But a film needs straightforward presentation with a visual and the medium of dialogues or songs. That was why Dukkapati Madhusudana Rao took the help of Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, who was working in All India Radio as a writer then. The essence of the novel was greatly captured by Athreya in a visual styled dialogue manner.

Sri Sri's Most Miscredited Song:
Songs were penned by legendary lyricists like Sri Sri, Athreya, Dasaradhi and Kosaraju. S.Rajeswara Rao gave evergreen tunes for the film. Songs like Paadamani Nannadagavalena, Ee Mounam Ee Bidiyam, Neevu Leka Veena, Manasuna Manasai (which was actually penned by Sri Sri, but many people assume it is by Athreya), Nijam Cheppave Pilla are admired and loved even after 50 years of their release.

The entire storyline moves around one suspense element that Chakravarthy (ANR) has only sisterly affection towards Madhavi (Savitri). This could have been progressed without revealing to either the audience or the characters. The screenplay could have been in such a way that Chakravarthy and Madhavi could have been in a different relationship and the suspense is revealed in climax. But such cheap idea wouldn’t have come for a legendary director like Adurthi Subba Rao and ace producer like Dukkapati Madhusudana Rao. The critics praise this film for being straightforward without any nonsense elements throughout its progress. Director Adurthi Subba Rao did great work in establishing the deep emotional layers of the hero, and star cast along with emotional conflicts.

Dr. Chakravarthy earned Nandi Award the year the awards were instituted! This film is like a beautiful and poetic memory which lasts for a long long time.

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