Eyes on This Big Dubbing

By - July 11, 2014 - 11:30 PM IST

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It’s been an age old tradition, Tamil movies dominating Telugu films, Rajnikanth and Kamal Hasan has gained strong foot hold in Tollywood as well. Next gen heroes Vikram and Suriya too following their footsteps. While Vikram is away from the race for a while, Suriya is going strong these days. He is coming up with his latest flick Anjaan being dubbed as Sikandar in Telugu.

This movie is directed by Lingusamy and it has Samantha as the leading lady which increased the brand value of the movie as she proved to be a lucky mascot. The Telugu version is being released by Lagadapati Sridhar and so far, he has been known for promoting new talent and encouraging small budget filmmakers.

As such, Sridhar is good at creating buzz and we have seen how he is there at most of the events related to other films and shares his thoughts with a very positive vibe. Sikander is due for release on August 15th so after his hits like YamuduYamudu 2, we have to see how Suriya fares this time.

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