Three Small Films with Songs Budget

By - July 15, 2014 - 02:41 PM IST

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These days filmmaking has become a challenging task and the main reason for that are the rising costs and the subsequent challenges of recovering the investment. Due to this, many filmmakers are using their purse very stingily. For that matter, even branded movies like Manam, Drushyam were more like-budget flicks.
But one film which is about to arrive has broken all such barriers. We are talking about Alludu Seenu and it comes as a revelation. Reliable reports reveal that the producer has spent lavishly for the movie and if our inside sources are to be believed, 3 small budget movies can be easily made with the budget spent for it’s songs and sets.
Alludu Seenu is hitting the screens on July 24 and it marks the debut of Bellamkonda Sreenivas, the son of top producer Bellamkonda Suresh as the hero while Samantha is the leading lady. The movie is directed by sensational director V V Vinayak and produced by Bellamkonda Suresh. If the song making itself is so costly, one can imagine the movie’s overall budget.