Viva Harsha On Self Branding

By - July 15, 2014 - 07:58 PM IST

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Amidst the flood of talented comedians that Tollywood has got, the name of Viva Harsha is flashing strongly these days. He has done many short films but with the short film ‘Viva’ becoming a super hit on the internet, he has attracted the attention of Tollywood and even other film industries.

His reputation became so hot that he has done promotion for the film Masala with Venkatesh and Ram in the form of exclusive short films again. He also repeated the same process for two sizeable projects. But since he was getting continuous calls for similar stints, he is preferring to stay away from them.

Buzz is that Harsha is now focusing on self branding and he is aiming more on big films and roles that offer significance to him. Within a short span he has become a famous comedian. Based on his choice of upcoming ventures, his career graph will be shaped up and his durability will also be determined.

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